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Busty Nude Mom ((EXCLUSIVE))

It seemed like an hour had passed since she had begun her stretching, thought it had actually been just a few seconds. Brian was jolted out of his revelry, though, when his mother swayed and jiggled - she couldn't not - over to his bed, climbed in and cuddled up next to him, her massive tits smushing against the side of his chest, her lithe legs intertwining with his, her head nestling against his neck. He had been sleeping in the nude and his cock immediately started to harden under the thin sheet.

busty nude mom

"Oh god, yes, sweetie," she replied, stroking his cock, now slick with her saliva. "I know it's so wrong, a son fucking his very own sex-doll Mommy, but I need it so badly. Will you fuck me? Please, sweetie? Please fuck your horny, super-busty Mommy." 041b061a72


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