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Watch The 100 S02E11 1

In the woods, two Mountain Men are hidden from sight as they watch Clarke riding with Abby and several Grounders on their way from Tondc back to Camp Jaha. One of them has his sniper rifle trained on Clarke just as the group stops. Abby tries to get Clarke to drink some puddle water but Clarke refuses, telling her she needs to get back to the radio to see if Bellamy has contacted them yet. As they're mounting up, Carl Emerson, one of the Mountain Men, tells the other one he has a shot. Just then, the sniper is hit by an arrow and the bullet misses Clarke, hitting a Grounder behind her. Indra and Octavia have found the Mountain Men and Octavia fights Emerson, tearing his radiation suit. Indra tells her to "finish it" just as Clarke rides up and stops her, telling Octavia they want to keep him alive and to check for a patch kit for his suit. Octavia digs through Emerson's bags and finds a picture of Clarke and Lexa on horseback, the intended targets. Indra sends a rider to go warn Lexa of the attempted assassination.

Watch The 100 S02E11 1


After oversleeping on his last day, Homer attempts to tackle the things on his list. He has a man-to-man talk with Bart, listens to Lisa play her saxophone, and borrows Ned's camcorder to make a video of himself for Maggie to watch when she is older. Homer reconciles with his father, Abe, which takes up far more time than he expects and forces him to skip some of the other things on his list.

At midnight, Homer quietly leaves his bed and bids each family member goodbye while they sleep. He sits glumly in the living room listening to Larry King read the Bible on tape. The next morning, Marge finds Homer collapsed in the armchair, realizes that his drool is still warm, and wakes him to joyfully inform him he is still alive. Homer celebrates and vows to live life to its fullest. He resumes his life, watching a televised bowling tournament while eating pork rinds.

Lorelai and Rory are really up on their TV and movie references in this episode. Lorelai also steals a line from "Gone with the Wind," ("I'll think about it tomorrow, at Tara"), and mentions "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," plus "Coyote Ugly." Rory name drops John Waters and as previously mentioned, "Silkwood." I enjoy this high/low mix of references and it's the main reason why I continue to watch "Gilmore Girls" even though it's fucking ridiculous most of the time.

I am excited to see Trinity dance her hip hop in a music video or at a concert. Otherwise, I wish she would continue her Level 8 gymnast competition and represent us at the Olympics. She is fun to watch.

Gymnastics, for example, are judged on style and content (number of difficult moves, etc.); however, many complaints are logged on the judges being biased. Competitions that involve being timed are generally not included in this bias because a stopwatch stops and there is often a clear cut winner. Ice skating is another style/content judgment that sees controversy often.

Hawk Ripjaw has been sharing his opinion on film and TV since his early teens, when the local public library gave away prizes for submissions to their newsletter. Since then, he's been writing for local newspapers, international video game sites, booze-themed movie websites, and anywhere else he can throw around some media passion. He watched the Mike Myers Cat in the Hat movie over 50 times in two years, for science.

Nick Hogan is a TV and movie fanatic. He loves writing reviews, TV discussion, and is always looking for new things to watch. He also co-hosts a podcast called Changing Panels ( about Comic Book TV. He can be reached at him on Twitter @nickyahogan

While the first two seasons of Mob Psycho 100 were both hugely successful, fans have eagerly been awaiting more episodes since season 2 ended in 2019. In the meantime, fans will have to placate their craving by rewatching some of the best episodes in the series to date.

I watched Little House when it first came on, I was a teen. Today I will watch it on INSP and on the Hallmark channels. I never grow tired of watching the same shows over and over, seems I learn something knew each time I watch. I wish there were good moral shows on today like Little House. The world would be a better place to live. God Bless each and everyone that had a part in making this show possible.

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Well, I have a pretty heavy retail background, apparel buying that type of thing. And anytime that I think I've seen everything and then something else would happen, consumers are just fascinating to me. Everybody is a case study waiting to happen. In my opinion, it's just fascinating to watch why people do things, why they buy things, why they don't, why they lock this brand, why they don't, it's just, all those values and motivations certainly play into consumer behavior. It's something that's never ending and it changes all the time. So it's just fun to watch people watching for a living.

Well, you've got to look at the consumer behavior side. You have addressed so many in this podcast that were so good of the tools and the Twitch and we've talked about Twitch for years in my classes, and it's been really fun to watch that progression of how that platform has moved, but then what people will start getting in, my own pastor said this, I need to be on TikTok and I'm like, why? You need to pick your platform or pick what you want to do. And I see that a lot with church colleagues that say, well, I've got to fix this Facebook. I've got to do it. I'm like, let's pull it back just for a second and do what's genuine because consumers can see something that is not genuine in a split second. 041b061a72


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