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Basketball Y8: Shoot, Score, and Win with Fun Characters

Welcome everyone to the Y8 Games category, where we are now offering you all the chance of playing a game such as Swipe Basketball, which is going to be one of the most special basketball games online that you have ever played on our website, with it also being called a skill game if you wish, and precisely because it is something new and never-before seen, we knew that we had to share it with you all as quickly as we could, so that we are not holding the fun back from you even a second. We will now explain the format, making sure that you are not going to have difficulties playing it. Your goal, just like in normal basketball, is to throw the ball into the hoop and get points. Use the mouse to swipe the ball towards the hope, and hopefully you do it well and score. Try and get as many bonus points as you can as well. Be very careful, because missing one throw is going to cost you a ball, and when you have no balls left, you lose the game, so we hope that does not happen! In the end, we can only wish you good luck, inviting you to try your best at this game, for you to have the greatest amount of fun at it!

basketball y8

Durante il 1979, quando i videogiochi iniziarono a crescere rapidamente, due giochi di basketball classici arcade furono realizzati. Il primo venne chiamato semplicemente "Basketball" e fu il primo gioco arcade che usava il trackball per i movimenti del giocatore. Aveva sia la modalità un giocatore che quella due giocatori. Fu sperimentato lo schermo inclinato che poi divenne comune nei giochi arcade. Il secondo famoso gioco arcade di quel tempo fu chiamato Hoop Fever, possedeva un canestro fisso e rilasciava palle da basket al giocatore per provare a fare canestro. L'obiettivo era quello di fare più canestri possibili prima che il tempo finisse e il buzzer suonasse per indicare che il gioco era terminato. Le macchine arcade potevano essere connesse permettendo dal vivo i giochi multigiocatore.


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