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Montale Perfume Where To Buy

Montale Paris is the leading Niche Perfume brand internationally. The brand is leading the markets in terms of Quality and Costing. The Montale Paris perfume house is just over a decade old. They have since been proving itself with new masterpieces regularly.

montale perfume where to buy

From the very first stages of choosing the raw material to the last stages of bottling, each step is taken with great care. This is to ensure the perfume reaches its end in a preserved form. Montale Paris was the first house to use aluminum tins to contain their worthy fragrances.

It is the only perfume house that covers Almost every group in the scent family and masters the formulae to provide the user with the longest lasting and most effective fragrance. There are over 70 fragrances in this house. The perfumes include Woody, Oriental, Citrus, Aqua, Chocolate, Musk, Vanilla, Rose and Spicy Notes. The range offering completely satisfy the Montale Paris fans so they do not need to wonder around for alternate scents.

The perfume house of Parfums Montale was founded by Pierre Montale in 2003 in Paris. Pierre Montale spent some time in Saudi Arabia prior to that, where he created perfumes for nobility, kings and queens. When he returned to Paris, the perfumer introduced his amazing oriental creations to the Western world. The mysterious East, Arabia and the perfumer's love for them can be found in each bottle of the Montale collection.

Montale creates men's, women's and unisex fragrances, the main components of which are precious varieties of trees, such as incense, aoud (agarwood), cedar, sandalwood and many other materials used by Arabian perfumers. A special place in his collection belongs to perfumes created of aoud or agarwood. Oud Pafums Montale is the first French line of perfumes dedicated to aoud, a royal ingredient in the real sense of this word, and considered an aphrodisiac in East. 041b061a72


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