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VCA(1994) - Off Duty Porn Stars !!EXCLUSIVE!!

This Puerto Rican top is no stranger to controversy, whether it was working in bareback films before it had reverted to being the gay-porn industry standad, or calling out fellow porn stars for their public drug use on his blog. He has also been accused of race-baiting, and out-and-out racism, including being sued over it.

VCA(1994) - Off Duty Porn Stars

Franco arrived on the porn scene in 2016, and has made more movies than some stars who have been in the game far longer, known for his athletic, at times balletic bareback sex. More dazzling as a bottom, he also has fisting up his ... sleeve.

As a porn star, he was a hairy, versatile stunner, working from 2004 until his passing for Lucas, Colt, Raging Stallion, Titan, and others. He maintained an active Twitter, which was often dedicated to his love of pop stars.

Who says porn stars always have clever names? Brad Mitchell, whose name sounds like one you'd find in your high school yearbook, could have been named Millicent Fenwick and still have been arousing. God, his clefted chin! He was a well-endowed Falcon regular who flip-flopped in his scenes in films like The Pledge Masters (1989) and Deep in Hot Water (1989), working for about five years with some of the, er, biggest names in the industry.

This handsome, gay-for-pay, Cockney-voiced Irish lad from London debuted in 2010, and has worked for Falcon, English Lads and, mostly,, becoming one of England's most famous gay-porn stars of all time. He's vers, in spite of his off-screen proclivities, and he's got a reputation as a pro who is cleancut and into porn for the money. He's great in domination scenes, and fills out a suit nicely.

No gay-porn list (including the one I did in 2013) would be complete without a tip of the hat to Roger, one of the medium's first stars. He did many sizzling loops and movies in the '70s until the very early '80s. His relentless, slow-mo rimming and topping of Jack Wrangler's butt in the avant-garde Sex Magic (1977) still packs an erotic punch; his rimming of Bruno in a Bullet Gold compilation led to an equally memorable, if opposite outcome, one that showed off Roger's eagerness as a bottom.

When he was young himself, Santoro was bullied for his looks and for being effeminate, something many gay men faced, and something quite a few butch gay-porn stars have referenced (Austin Wolf among them). He told Str8UpGayPorn in 2014:

A onetime TV reporter in Dallas, Steele left the industry to launch his porn career with Colt. A daddy from the get-go, he has become one of the most popular silver-daddy stars in the skin trade, working with Titan Men, Raging Stallion, Men at Play, Naked Sword, Lucas Entertainment, and mothers. 041b061a72


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