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Free Download Dark Fall 2: Lights Out _HOT_

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Free Download Dark Fall 2: Lights Out

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But more importantly, when they go from a bright environment to a darker environment, it might take 30 minutes or more for them to fully adjust and have night vision. So a lot of times, that's when falls might occur.

On the bottom picture where the lights were installed in the wall-- again, real estate is at a premium. And every time we came back we found a chair or furniture or something moved in front of that. So it didn't work as great as we had hoped. Also, this one in the wall provided a little more brighter hot spots than the other one, and at dark it was actually a little too bright.

But this was the big hit-- replacing the existing hand rails with new hand rails, with amber LEDs controlled by a motion sensor. Because most of us probably know that the falls occur after leaving the bathroom, back to the bed. Because once you get out of bed, we're pretty much dark-adapted, we can look and see where we need to go.

"The quarter before the lights were installed, we had five falls on Cherry Lane. The quarter after installation, the number reduced to three. But more importantly there were no falls on Cherry Lane in the last three."

Those night lights bring a sense of security and safety. Because when they go back to their bed, there's some light that is on. They never have to guess, is there something in my way? Am I going to fall? What's going on? They have a sense of security now with the night lights.

And Connie, back to you. Were there any complaints among patients or staff when the hall lights were at 6,500 K? And then also, Melanie, feel free to respond as well and comment on any patient and staff response.


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