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Payday 2 Performance Tweaks |TOP|

Hopefully, now you have no problem accessing your game installation directories. If you want to add something or learn more about storing Microsoft Store or Steam games, do not hesitate to leave a comment below. Those having game performance issues are welcome to use Auslogics BoostSpeed: this tool is designed to declutter and optimize your Windows so that you can enjoy the most challenging adventures on your PC.

Payday 2 Performance Tweaks

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The table above gives us a performance comparison of the most relevant chips, with the Ryzen 7 5700G used as the baseline. Again, the Zen 3 architecture pays dividends as the six-core 5600G beats the Ryzen 7 4750G with the Zen 2 architecture by 3%. That doesn't sound too impressive until we mention the 4750G has two more CPU cores, an extra graphics core, and 200 MHz higher graphics clocks with what appears to be a similar 7nm Vega engine.Zooming out to the previous-gen comparable chips that you can actually buy at retail, the 5600G beats the quad-core 3400G by 13% at 1280x720 and 12% at 1080p.

The Intel chips give us about what we expect, roughly the same (or slightly less) performance than the crippled Ryzen 7 5700G with a single memory stick. Intel's UHD Graphics 750 engine with the Xe architecture is a decent improvement over the company's UHD Graphics 630 engine, but Intel ported the Xe architecture back to the 14nm process, resulting in fewer graphics cores. As such, the highest-end desktop chips currently have 32 EUs, whereas the 10nm Tiger Lake chips stretch up to 96 EU.The 11700K and 11600K with UHD Graphics 750 struggle at both 1280x720 and 1080p, netting roughly half the performance of a properly configured Ryzen 7 5700G system. The Core i5-11400 fares even worse; its UHD Graphics 730 engine only comes with 24 EUs. Intel has made strides compared to the UHD Graphics 630 engine in the 10600K, which also comes with 24 EUs, but the best Intel chips still trail AMD's three-year-old Ryzen 5 3400G 'Picasso' chips by significant margins.

Overall, the results are clear: If you're looking for the best integrated graphics on the desktop, Cezanne is the new leader for desktop PCs. Overall the Ryzen 5 5600G gives you the lion's share of the Ryzen 7 5700G's performance, but at a much more accessible price point.We found 1280x720 gaming to be solid across numerous titles with the Ryzen 5 5600G chip. While the number of titles you can play becomes extremely restricted at 1080p, you can get away with 1080p gaming with reduced fidelity settings in many titles, too.

Grand Theft Auto V is immortal, partly because you can play it on lower-powered hardware if you're willing to trade off fidelity for performance.Dialing back to the lowest quality settings yields a very playable 85.4 fps at 1080p for the Ryzen 5 5600G while stepping up to the 5700G nets 1% more performance. That means there's plenty of headroom for higher quality settings, and that applies nearly doubly at the 1280x720 resolution; the 5600G's impressive 137.9 fps leaves plenty of room for tweaking.

You'll notice that the Intel + GT 1030 configurations pull ahead in this benchmark. GTAV has historically favored Intel CPU architectures, and we theorize that memory throughput may play a role here, too. In either case, this marks the lone win for the GT 1030 configurations and helps inflate thier relative scores in our cumulative performance measurements above.

The Intel chips suffered in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, too. The Core i7-11700K and i5-11600K offer nearly identical performance in the 1080p benchmark, showing we've reached a graphics bottleneck that the 11700K's slightly higher CPU clock rate can't improve. The Core i5-11400, with its pared-back engine with 24 EUs, suffers even more.

The Ryzen 7 5700G is 4% faster than the 5600G at 1280x720 and 1080p, a pretty slim performance delta given the 5700G's $100 higher price tag.The Ryzen 5 5600G is 12% faster at both resolutions than the Ryzen 5 3400G. Against the 4750G, the 5600G's lead shrinks to 2% at 1280x720, and it provides identical performance at 1080p, but that's largely inconsequential. The 4750G is OEM-only, so if you don't plan on buying a pre-built system, you'll have to pay scalper pricing. As shown in our Ryzen 7 4750G review, that kills the 4750G's value proposition.

Our last foray into testing the Xe architecture in Strange Brigade happened at the Rocket Lake launch, and try as we might, we couldn't get the cursor to appear on the screen. However, newer drivers (or perhaps a game update?) have fixed that issue.Strange Brigade now works just fine on our test system, but the 5600G is 60 to 65% faster than the UHD Graphics 750 engine in this benchmark, putting the finishing touch on Cezanne's commanding performance in our integrated graphics test suite.

Above you can see how the Ryzen 7 5700G stacks up against the most relevant discrete GPUs. Our GPU editor, Jarred Walton, contributed this extended testing, but he doesn't have a Ryzen 5 5600G for comparison. However, given that we've shown definitively that the 5600G is within 4% to 5% of the 5700G, it's easy to spitball performance with these test results.

Dying Light 2 is now available for PC and console players. A new patch is also released to boost the game performance. Today, we have posted a guide for the best Dying Light 2 graphics settings to boost your FPS in the game.

Let's move into looking at SDR performance, because it's here where there are a few differences between the Acer and Asus models. In terms of brightness and contrast ratio, everything is still quite similar though: the X27 goes up to a maximum of 317 nits in the SDR mode, with a native contrast ratio around 1100:1. That said, I'd still recommend leaving the dynamic backlight enabled for most SDR content, in which case you'll achieve a contrast ratio around 10,000:1 at 200 nits, though of course that varies with the brightness level you set the monitor to. Black levels are outstanding for an LCD with the dynamic backlight enabled.

4.2 to 6.6 ms is a noticeable jump in response time, which leaves the X27 with more ghosting and smearing compared to the PG27UQ. I reckon Acer could have tweaked their overdrive algorithm to deliver performance much closer to the PG27UQ, but they didn't. That said, this result is still better than a lot of popular VA panels, and the average transition time is still lower than the refresh window of 6.94 ms.

This level of performance from a few OSD tweaks is better than I could achieve with a full calibration pass in CALMAN 5 and a software profile, so there isn't any reason to run a full calibration. There's really no way to describe this level of color performance, other than to say it's perfect.

Also new for 2018 is the active valve performance exhaust that lets you switch between quiet, normal, sport and track modes. While I fully appreciate the immense torque and performance available from an electric powertrain, there is nothing quite like the visceral thrill of listening the roar of a big V8 engine. Of course your neighbors might not all appreciate that so you can actually program the car to start in quiet mode during certain periods such as when you are ready to leave for work in the morning.

The AI has also been optimized to move faster through the level to avoid long pauses where the player is alone without opposition. The reaction time of the enemies will no longer be dependant on the hosts computers performance. This means that PAYDAY 2 will offer a equal experience regardless of how powerful the computer hosting the game is.

All weapon tweaks from the beta are now released and can found below in the changelog. We have also removed the reward reductions on almost all mutators. Clone Army will have a 35% reduction instead of 50%. Creeps will keep the 50% reduction.

A solid performance management cycle is an important part of any business that values its staff. Not only because it helps you manage performance in the workplace, but because it also helps you create:

The Callisto Protocol features a built-in benchmark tool which appears to be really taxing. Therefore, for both our CPU and GPU tests, we used it. In-game performance appears to be better, however, there might be some sequences that are as demanding as the benchmark sequence.

At both 1440p and native 4K, the only GPU that was able to provide a smooth gaming experience was the RTX4090. That said, you can use FSR 2 in order to boost your performance. With FSR 2, the RTX3080 and AMD RX 6900XT can hit 60fps.

The good news is what type of gaming PC you are using; you can do tweaks to improve its FPS. This guide will help you boost the performance of your gaming PC so you can enjoy playing Valorant no matter its range.

Another quick solution to boost the performance of your PC when playing Valorant is to turn off any apps running in the background. Most of the time, you are likely to overlook that several apps are running in the background while doing something on your PC. Some of these background apps take resources from your CPU and RAM, affecting your current FPS.

The upcoming Windows 11 release has once again sparked the age-old debate of which Windows version is superior. Of course, many people claim that Windows 7 is the best Windows ever and has the best performance. But is Windows 7 still good for gaming?

However, the 0.1% and 1% lows are significantly worse on Windows 7, indicating micro stutters. Moreover, games use substantially more RAM on Windows 7 than on Windows 10. Your in-game performance might suffer as a result.

The first thing I did was to do some measurement on the power section. The motivation to do this came from the datasheet: The Cirrus 4344 DAC can operate at 3.3V and at 5V. At 5V operation, you get 2 dB better performance pretty much across the board.

I recently acquired a Dell K5000m for my M6700 and am loving it. Previously, I had a K3000M and had svl7's custom firmware. It boosted the performance significantly - but I am not having the same luck with svl7's K5000m BIOS on the new card.


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