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Sims Mobile: The Best Way to Play The Sims on the Go

Similarly to previous mobile games in The Sims franchise, energy is used when players take actions with their Sims. Energy can be restored through SimCash, which is earned through in-game quests and micro-transactions. SimCash can also be used to purchase certain premium clothing and furniture options in the game.[7]

sims mobile

The Sims Mobile is a free-to-play iOS and Android mobile game from Firemonkeys Studios. The game was soft announced in an online trailer and was released worldwide on March 6, 2018, after being soft launched in Australia, Brazil and Spain for three months. The game was originally meant to be released worldwide on November 21, 2017, but was delayed to spring 2018.

Similarly to previous mobile games in The Sims franchise, energy is used when players take actions with their Sims. Energy can be restored through SimCash, which is earned through in-game quests and micro-transactions. SimCash can also be used to purchase certain premium clothing and furniture options in the game.[5]

Unlike The Sims 4, The Sims Mobile does not support cheats. If you want to earn money in The Sims Mobile you'll need to follow in-game solutions. As the game is made for mobile, it utilises a free-to-play microtransactions system.

If your sim is wearing one of the Izzy items upon retirement, the item will still be available for your new sims to wear in the closet. For example, it's possible for a retired grandma and her granddaughter to be wearing the same Izzy item at the same time.

Retired sims will live in your home for a while. From time to time, you will see a pink Family Event bubble over their head. If you tap it, your retired sim will offer a Mentoring event for your current sim.

It would be easy to make a case, based on numbers, that launching sequels on mobile is not the way to go about it. After all, there are more than enough warning examples. But the Sims Mobile didn't fail because it's a sequel. The game failed due to much simpler and obvious reason: poor design that didn't deliver to what made the Sims a great franchise in the first place.

While the first part focused on visible systemic changes that were introduced to streamline the game for f2p and mobile, in this part I will talk more about design under the hood in order to get to the answer for our initial question: Why is the game not performing well.

The Sims Mobile has just released and boy is there a lot to learn about how this new world works. Although the mobile version of the game is somewhat stripped down compared the PC version, there's still plenty to do and figure out. Below we've put together a guide to everything you'll need to know up to Sim level 7. For more Sims Mobile tips and tricks, be sure to check out our additional guides listed below:

It was always a prime candidate for a free-to-play mobile version, then. And while The Sims Freeplay may not be favoured by The Sims purists, it's been a successful game with more than 200 million downloads.

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Then there are Fashion Gems, which is the area most clearly influenced by free-to-play mobile design practises. 20 of these can be used to create a piece of clothing imbued with a random stat boost, in what's essentially a gacha system.

The Sims Mobile just recently soft launched in Brazil. Having written a release announcement the other day, I wanted to circle back and explore the gameplay in order to get a better sense of what this title offers. Do we finally get the Sims us mobile gamers have always wanted, or does EA do the expected thing by pushing out another substandard product? If you couldn't tell from the title, yeah, this is one of the worst games I have ever played.

Honestly, I am not really sure if I even feel comfortable calling The Sims Mobile a game. I don't mean that in the way that the core PC Sims releases are more or less a sandbox experience with little-defined gameplay, I mean more that this mobile version is just an abomination filled with wait timers. That is not an exaggeration. There is a wait timer for every single action in this release. You want your Sim to go to sleep, that's a minute and thirty seconds you will need to wait. Oh, you want to talk to an NPC, that's ten seconds you have to wait. You need to have a snack, that's another ten seconds. Even a shower, which is forced upon you just like sleep is, that will be two minutes. The timers never end. But guess what, Electronic Arts has ever so kindly blessed us with the option to remove these timers by paying in-game currency on an individual basis. As in, each and every instance where you receive a wait timer (which is every action you make in the game) you can pay to remove the timer. As you can guess, this will add up pretty quickly.

Personally, I find it mind blowing that Electronic Arts ever thought it would be a good idea to place a timer on every single action you perform. Sure, the logistics of the gameplay sans timers are pretty standard fare for a mobile life sim. It could even be entertaining at times, but the presence of these timers is just too egregious. I mean seriously, what kind of business practice is this and why does EA find it perfectly acceptable?

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