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[S5E1] Creatures Of The Night

MAMA YUKIMURA: Imagine a night like this, Kira. In storm clouds just like these, phantom hunters would appear, riding black horses with blood-red eyes, wolves and hounds at their side, baying and snarling.

[S5E1] Creatures of the Night

The team starts the inquiries with now-retired Det. Connolly, moving on to Jack's parents and reaching out to Dylan Noakes,in prison. Lilly attentively analyses the photos of the crime scene and notices that the bikes were far too clean after the heavy rain of the previous night, thus concluding that the kids were murdered elsewhere and the bodies and the kids' bikes moved to the site later. The detectives also discover that Connolly had, by means of violence, coerced a fake confession from Teddy Nimmo, finding him the weakest of the two friends.

While developing Season 4, Benioff admitted that "Season 5 gives him nightmares"[25]. However, once they actually had outlined the season, Benioff and Weiss revealed "the fear started to dissipate." They also claimed the season would be "drawing heavily" from A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons, the fourth and fifth books of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire saga.[26]

The night begins with Gary lighting a match to get the campfire going. He mentions that tonight is one of those meetings he always has mixed feelings about. He says that it's sad because Frank's family moved away, and now they've lost one of their members. Also it's exciting because now the Midnight Society must find a new member.

Tucker takes the Non-Dairy Creamer dust and throws it into the fire to make the fire more intense, while Stig submits his story for approval of The Midnight Society. Calling the story "The Tale of the Dead Man's Float", and begins.

Zeke is about to get out, but seeing The Corpse he almost goes into shock and cannot move. Then Charlie returns and pulls him out of the pool. Then Clorice calls out to The Corpse and douses it with the Manganite. The Corpse loudly and violently screams and moans as it bubbles, oozes, sizzles, smokes, steams and evaporates away into nothing. Zeke applauds her for defeating it. Then they smile in their victory as Charlie looks on in relief. Because finally after all these year, the nightmare is finally over. Then he gratefully thanks them.

Much better than invisible walls. Like the ones around the map. Seriously Obsidian? There are ways to justify keeping you contained to the general Vegas area, and you go with the most immersion breaking? Why not go with the desert route? Your surrounded by desert, so when you venture out very far, you start dieing due to the extreme heat(or cold, if you go at night). Maybe add in a thing about getting de-hydrated or something.

In 1 you saw them exactly once, in the Boneyard ruins. In 2, they and many other powerful creatures were random encounters in the southern areas, just out in the wastes. Meat Gates essentially (and as in New Vegas, entirely passable for those honestly willing to take the risk). 041b061a72


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