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They also leave out bowls of fruit and candy for dead relatives, buy small gifts for them and decorate the framed photos with ornaments and garland. My husband said this does not bother him and he grew up with them doing all of this.

Last year, when we tried to explain to our 6-year-old who the photos were, he became very worried after learning they were dead people and for weeks asked nonstop questions about who they were and how they died. My son became very scared of the photos themselves and began having nightmares.

I do not want to insult them by asking them to not follow their traditions during the holidays, especially when we are in their house for Thanksgiving and Christmas. My husband said if they are hosting we should not comment on their traditions, and need to deal with it. What can I do?

Dear Amy: My daughter cheated on her fiance. They have a child together, and the cheating episode happened last summer. My daughter takes full responsibility for her actions and knows she will live with this every day.

Just 3 generations later, Agrippina the Younger, a descendant of both Livia and Augustus, would be similarly suspected of putting an end to anybody who got in the way of her son. That included her step-son Britannicus. And it included her husband, the fourth Roman emperor, Claudius, poisoned with a dish of mushrooms. After which her own son, the 16-year-old Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, was hailed as his successor on the steps of the palace.

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He leaned forward over a prickly shrub to peek in the window. Ms. Davis and the TV were in view. No other person appeared. Only Ms. Davis was there. She pointed the remote, and the screen brightened, the TV coming alive. Steve straightaway gasped, then choked. On the screen was Ms. Davis naked, full frontal, her hands behind her head, her breasts hanging separately with large, dark areolas, her wide hips and thick thighs giving her body the shape of a perfect hookah, all centered by a dark bush of hair, au naturel. With the stance, she had the confidence of a central figure in classical art. She was not hiding anything, not embarrassed or conveying awkwardness. She was posing for all.

The two remained eye to eye for a moment more. Then he stood and took her free hand to help her to her feet. When she stood up, he saw her breasts bounce lightly and it excited him. He thought, luckily, she was not on level with the hardness she had already caused in that moment.

Again, Ms. Davis passed through the two, disappeared down the hallway toward her office, and reappeared with a book. She plopped onto the couch. Steve noticed her body bounce so sexily. She adjusted her shirt and tucked her feet under her.

She gave up the couch. She stood next to Steve. They brushed shoulders as she moved side to side, in tandem, with her player on the TV. He had a chance to touch her and watch her tits shake while pretending to watch the controller.


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