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Kia Navi Update 5.1.3: The Latest Version for Your Navigation System

You need a relatively recent computer to update the software. If you try to open a file with a.swp extension, the file may be corrupt. Delete the file before you open the file. For more information on navigation software updates, visit [Navigation Updater]. 52

kia navi update 5.1.3 download

Download Zip:

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39 When the software update is first downloaded to your main system, you will be given the option of overwriting the existing installation, or creating a new installation directory. If you select to install a new installation over an existing installation, you will be prompted to select a location on your SD card or USB stick for the new software installation. If you select to overwrite the existing installation, then you will need to make a backup of the files on your SD card or USB stick. This software update supports all models of the following vehicles: KIA ORIOL YTP 2005-2008 25k model years 2008-2015 GEN SAVN TSM KIA SAVN2 / BTP8 / VP8 Volvo VNL-5500 1800-2010 Volvo S40 1990-2004 Volvo V60 1996-2002 Volvo V60R 1996 30k model years 2005-2007 Volvo V70 1984-1996 Volvo XC 70 1987-1998 Jaguar X180 2006-2007 KIA OPTION KIA SAVN2 iMOOVE 25k model years iMOOVE G7 GTi 2006-2008 G5 iMOOVE GTi 2008-2013 G5 Vibe 2010-2014 G6 iMOOVE GTi 2014-2015 G6 2015-2016 G6 Sport 2013-2016 G5 Sport 2013-2016 G4 2016-2017 G4 SE Bluewill Hyundai HY13 KIA Korando U1 iMOOVE K1 Gen 2 iMOOVE K1 Gen 3 iMOOVE K1 G3 iMOOVE K1 G5 iMOOVE K1 G6 iMOOVE K1 G7 iMOOVE K3 Gen 2 iMOOVE K3 G6 2015 29

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