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[S5E7] Art Burn \/\/FREE\\\\

Over the next few days, Garry is able to sell several of Jane's replica paintings. When she has saved enough money for the gazebo and wants to quit, Garry begs her to stay, praising her work and increasing her share of the profits. Jane reluctantly goes on painting for Gary but, as time goes on, she starts to burn out on painting and gets creative block, something that worries her.

[S5E7] Art Burn

Quinn and Sandi lament the lack of possible legal actions against the painter and agree to have the picture burned. Unknown to the rest of the Fashion Club, Stacy is keeping the painting hidden her room.

A series continuing the world of the classic American martial arts movie Karate Kid may have seemed like a niche pitch when it was originally picked up by YouTube TV. But now, four years after the first season aired, the show is a global smash hit thanks to its new home at Netflix. Season 5 is the second Netflix produced season and once again the sports-dramedy goes from strength to strength. Continuing directly on from the events of Season 4, we pick up after Miyagi-Do/Eagle Fang's devastating loss to Cobra Kai. Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) is the king of karate and his dreams of dojo domination grow larger every day. The awesome new entry into the Miyagi-verse is out now and if you've already binged all 10 episodes and have some burning questions, we're here to answer them as well as break down that wild ending.

When Carmela throws Tony out of the house and initiates divorce proceedings, Tony continues dating Valentina. She seems more emotionally secure than his past experiences with Irina or Gloria Trillo, however Tony lacks confidence she has potential to replace Carmela as his wife. Overall, Tony believes the relationship should be terminated as it is on the wrong track. One day she was cooking eggs for Tony and suggesting they take a holiday in Antigua at a romantic resort, Sandals. Distracted by this, she fails to notice her robe got too close to the pan and caught fire, which burns her body and singes her hair off. Though Tony rushes to give her immediate first aid, the burns are so intense she is hospitalized and rendered in and out of consciousness. While recovering in the hospital, Tony tells her he must go back to Carmela. Valentina is so groggy it is unknown if she accepts the break-up, instead reacting with horror to her baldness.

Unfortunately, the big conversation between these two beloved characters will have to wait until next week. Still, for a season that's been a real slow burn compared to the others this was a massive moment.

The next morning Erin is quite beside herself and not interested in joining Mary Ellen at church. Downstairs Grandma and Grandpa give Mary Ellen a $25 dowry for her wedding. John thinks back on some memories of Mary Ellen as she was growing up. Olivia interupts him and he walks her to church. After the family has left Curt leaves a note under the door for Mary Ellen but Erin burns it in the stove instead of giving it to her. On the way home from church Jason questions Mary Ellen about her feelings for Curt. He sensed something between them when he saw them dancing the night before. Mary Ellen says that she can't build a life on chemistry.

Lalo arranges for a cell phone to be smuggled to him in jail. Cooped up in his bunk, he calls Nacho from the phone and orders him to burn down a Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant. Nacho meets with Mike the next day, having decided since Lalo is incarcerated, Mike should help get him and his father an exit from the drug business. When Mike learns about Lalo's order to burn down a restaurant, he points out that this means Lalo is not really out of the picture yet, so Nacho can't get out from either Lalo's or Gus' employ.

Under the cover of darkness, Gus and Nacho break into a Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant in Los Lunas. While Nacho vandalizes the seating area, Gus turns up the burners in the kitchen, filling the room with gas, and heats up a fryer full of oil. He then grabs a frozen chicken from the freezer and sets it on the backside of the cooker's cover as an improvised ramp, so it will slowly slide down into the fryer when the thawing ice lubricates it. He then leaves the restaurant, returning to his car as the chicken falls into the fryer's hot oil and creates a flash that ignites the gas, causing a massive explosion that guts the interior.

Some folks have been complaining about what they view as the breakneck speed with which the show burns through its plot. I do not share this view, to put it mildly. There is a fireworks factory in our future, reader, and our bus is just now pulling out of the school parking lot.

I admire the show's trust in its actors' ability to convey what we need to know through expression and gesture, instead of through thick, wordy clots of exposition. That said, this episode kicks off by giving every freaking character listed above a long moment to gaze meaningfully at another character, and with a cast this huge, this process takes a hell of a long time. We are burning serious daylight with all these pained expressions getting exchanged; it's really just "Janet!" "Dr. Scott!" "Janet!" "Brad!" "Rocky!" but stretched out over 12 minutes.

Terry and Patrick are freezing their butts off in a field, waiting for the ifrit to come and burn them to death. However, it only pops up briefly to laugh at them and disappear. Terry is so sick of being chased by this curse, he almost kills himself with Patrick's gun. Patrick manages to talk him down. 041b061a72


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