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LOST EMBER Review: A Beautiful and Captivating Adventure Game - GOG

if you can look past the port, lost ember is a fun action rpg that fits on the switch, though it has the port life depending on what kind of switch you have. the frame rate is occasionally dodgy, mostly in a good way, with some messed up textures. the game is certainly worth checking out if youre looking for a new action rpg, especially if youre looking to play something on the switch. if youre more of a pc, ps4, or xbox one gamer, youre unlikely to care about the switch version of lost ember.

LOST EMBER v1.0.19 – GOG

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as the game begins, you are given control of a young boy named charlie who is captured by an army and sent into the middle of a minefield with no guidance. your mission is to get the boy out alive. as you move through the game, you will be able to control the various other characters, one of whom is named oskar.

while the game takes place in the vast and mysterious yanren, it also touches on some themes and environments from a lot of real life cultures. in addition to being inspired by the silk road, the game is also inspired by the havasupai reservation in arizona. the title (and the game's trailer) make it very clear that the inhabitants are native americans, with some of the game's sequences featuring that set of cultures. while it is generally respectful, at one point in the game you are shown some of the remains of a torukan ritual, which implies that the yanren themselves have some non-natives among them. the game is set in the future, but never explains how the loss of the old world has changed this world. however, the yanren are shown as an endangered species and have all but collapsed in the ruins of the old world.


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