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Spectraflame is the name used by Mattel for the metallic finishes sported by their original "Hot Wheels" cars in 1968 through 1972 and also on Super Treasure Hunts. The finish was not the standard paint used on normal cars, but rather a transparent lacquer applied over a polished zinc plated casting. This resulted in a surprisingly realistic metallic effect, similar to the appearance of real cars. In 1955, Mel Pinoli laid what is known as the first Candy Apple paint job. The car was a 1950 Chevrolet belonging to Ted Leventhal.

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In 1973, due to the study of lead in paint and its effects on humans, the original Spectraflame (candy-apple paint) was banned from manufacturing. The original Spectraflame was retired and replaced by a metallic enamel. More recently, Mattel began using a new paint process for their special edition cars. While it is not the same candy-apple paint, they continue to use the trademark Spectraflame to identify it. The new manufacturing process involves a shiny vacuum-metalized finish covered in a semi-transparent, water-based lacquer. This may change in the future due to the expense of vacuum metalizing the cars. An alternate method involves coating the cars with a metal liquid and then applying a pigmented translucent paint.

The colors would evolve as the toy line continued. This may be due to different manufacturers or changes in the paint mix. It can be demonstrated that the early colors from 1968-69 are significantly different from releases seen in 1970-72. By this point, later colors were being introduced and some were no longer being used at all. As a result, there are castings that are nearly impossible to find in specific colors. Examples of these are the 1968 Custom Camaro in Magenta, or the 1971 Evil Weevil in Hot Pink.

Hot Wheels Spectraflame colors are part of an array of custom finishes that can be found in the PPG Vibrance Collection. The colors are: aqua, medium sapphire, lime gold, rich yellow gold, bright emerald, anti-freeze green, orange, bright red, Hot Wheels blue, hot pink, light red, watermelon and purple. The 12 finalists and their cars and paint schemes are:

The original Hot Wheels cars debuted with their metallic Spectraflame paint finishes, and the Camaro Hot Wheels Concept features a brilliant, chrome-style finish created in a similar manner: a tinted top coat over a shiny base.

I wanna make a shader that mimics the paints of HotWheels cars since I think they can fit old games better due to them looking real but also eye catching, but no matter how much I observe the ones I have, i don't quite get it how they are made (RLC Mangusta and Neo Classics Ford J-Car, also the Neo Classics Police Oldsmobile) They seem to have a darker color behind the chrome layer (very dark) but also don't seem too apparent, it's really hard. Any description of those processes is appreciated, the better the explanation the better, since I can layer the elements on code more cohesively if I know how it is coated and whatnot. 041b061a72


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